Online Event Participation

We are organise some Online Event competation in every year. Our active registered students are participate in these events and win lot of prizes. There is no fixed date for any event.

Some of our organised events are...

  •  Quiz Competition
  •  Article Writting Competition
  •  Coding Competition
  •  Drawing Competition
  •  Puzzle Competition
  •  Photography Competition

Last Event Winners

Pratik Samantaray, Class XII
Quiz Competition 2019
Surendra Baliarsingh, Class VI
Article Writting Comp. 2019
Lipirani Mohanty, Class XI
Coding Competition 2019
Madhuri Desai, Class VII
Drawing Competition 2019
Smitarani Gochhayat, Class X
Puzzle Competition 2019
Saumyashree Swain, Class VIII
Photography Comp. 2019
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