Online Entrance Practice

The means of education are expanding far and wide. Education is not limited to the four walls of a classroom and a blackboard, it has expanded to your fingertips as a result of advancing technology.

An online exam provides flexibility and security to the examination process. In an online exam, the results are calculated instantly and accurately.

Examination Process is managed using technology. It is beneficial when you are looking to conduct the exam for multiple candidates at different locations.

In SLS you can find the menu named as Online Test, under that sub menus are available.

In Entrancewise Test section you can find different levels of exam. Just click any of the category and appear the exam and the exam type is like competitive exam where you can see no. of questions answered, not appeared and after finishing the exam finally you can see your performance.

In My Test Results you can view all the exams you have appeared.

In Test Toppers you can see who is in top rank.