Learn Important Facts before Starting A Blog

Learn Important Facts before Starting A Blog

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Blog is the very important part of SEO. Nice blog posts drive more visitors from search engine. Many of new bloggers make a lot of beginner-level mistakes when they start their blogs. If you want to start a good blog, you have to make sure you get started on the right foot. So below are some ideas to develop a good blog.

Choosing a Topic for a blog is always to be a very crucial factor. So always pick a topic that you have an interest in and that topic also has  a good search volume.  Then set some goal with a deadline and some specific outcomes for your blog. That means you want no. of subscribers or no. of visitors or need some comments with specific periods of time.  Then after that make a close look of your blog audience or followers or subscribers. Note their activities & do some brainstorming.

Online your blog by a brandable domain name rather than a generic keyword-stuffed name . Register your domain name from trusted domain registrant like godaddy.com or betaqsolutions.com etc. Also choose a good hosting plan for you domain also. Install WordPress in your hosting or develop your own blogging website to online your blog.  

Use a good responsive design templates for your blog. That should be simple & must be easy on the eyes. Use the font & colors that should give a good look and easy to read. Remove unwanted things like multiple login boxes, duplicate post, irritated images, too many ads etc.  The home page of your blog is most vital for audience. So design your home page with mix of recent post as well as popular post.

Except articles, some other pages or plugins are also necessary for your blog such as

          @ About Us page
          @ Sidebar which contain recent posts, popular comments, email signup box etc
          @ Contact us page
          @ Register for an Akismet key
          @ Add an SEO Plugin to optimize
          @ Create a best tagline for your blog
          @ Add an SSL certificate to your blog
          @ Add Google Analytics
          @ Use Google Search Console for finds any errors on your blog
          @ Add links to your social networking profiles
          @ Get a personalized business email account
          @ Create a  best quality of logo
          @ Create a Favicon

After all, create good quality of article at least once a week. Evergreen articles on your blog that bring in a lot of traffic even after months if not years of creating them. You can analyze the content for more than ten times higher of your competitors ideas for your good posts. You can also add good quality of images with videos to enhance the audience interest.

Promotion is also another important factor for drive visitors to blog. Below are some certain things required to promote your blog

            @ Create a sitemap file
            @ Add meta descriptions to your posts
            @ Optimize your blog posts for keywords
            @ Create an email list
            @ Create your blog’s social media accounts
            @ Boost your search engine rankings

To  make your blog popular, you have to create a perfect brand & follow the above tip to drive more visitors.

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